Project Detail

DED Bukit Tua Jacket & PMT for BTJT-A Platform, Bukit Tua Platform Development Project

PT Pal Indonesia


Ketapang PSC

Project Description

Petronas Carigali Ketapang II LTD (PCK2L) plans to develop the Bukit Tua Field, located in app. 110 km northeast of Gresik, East Java.

BTJT-A platform is a tripod platform with 2 batter legs and 1 straight leg. It has 4 level deck. The main deck is the top deck that supports a 20 metric ton deck crane and a vent boom.


Platform Description

ü3 legs Jacket Wellhead platform with multi level deck

üNumber of Deck  = 4

    Main Deck     El. (+) 77,10’

  Mezzanine Deck    El. (+) 62.34

  Cellar  Deck    El. (+) 49.21’

  Sub Cellar  Deck  El. (+) 32.80’

üPlatform Weight

  Jacket Weight  = 4237.28 kips

  Deck Weight   = 3039.99 kips

Wellheads :

   No. of well slots       :  9

   Conductor size        :  24”

üTopside Facility

WHP to FPSO Liquid Pipeline Pig Launcher

WHP Gas Pipeline Pig Launcher

WHP to ORF Gas Export Pig Launcher

FPSO to WHP Gas Export Pig Receiver

Test & Production Separator Package

Close & Open Drain System

CO2 Snuffing Package

üTopside Facility

Diesel storage system

Micro turbine Generator

Emergency Diesel Generator

Potable / Wash Water Tank

Pedestal Crane

HVAC Package


Scope of Services 

BiRU responsible to perform analysis for structure discipline. It cover pre-service and in-service condition,  such as lifting, transportation & seafastening, in-place, seismic and fatigue spectral analysis.

BiRU provide Project Management Team to accomodate project requirement. This team make a direct communication with client during the engineering and construction phase.

BiRU involve on construction phase, trough PT BiRU Construction. PT BiRU Construction provide all manpower, equipment and required material for platform construction. The platform was constructed in Surabaya, Indonesia.

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