BD Madura Field Development Project

    Project Description

    BD madura field is located offshore in the Madura strait east java, about 65km east of Surabaya and about 16 km south of Madura island.

    This complex project envisages development of a Wellhead Platform (WHP); an offshore spread moored Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) barge with gas processing facilities; Gas Metering Station (GMS); two flexible risers between WHP and FPSO and an export gas pipeline from WHP to GMS.

    Platform Description

    ü4 legs Jacket Wellhead platform with multi level deck

    üNumber of Deck  = 3

    Main Deck     El. (+) 54’-6”

    Mezzanine Deck    El. (+) 42’-6”

    Cellar  Deck    El. (+) 31’-4”

    üPlatform Weight

    Jacket Weight  = 2467.23 kips

    Pile Weight   = 2004.91 kips

    Deck Weight   = 1560.18 kips

    Number of wells : 4 initial wells with two slots for future development.

    üTopside Facility  :

    vMultiphase Flowmeter sized for 110 MMSCFD with associated water and condensate.


    vChemical Injection Packages

    vWellhead Control Panel (WHCP)

    vHydraulic Power Unit


    vMCC / UPS

    vProcess Control System (PCS), Safety Instrument System (SIS)

    vCO2  Snuffing Unit

    vClosed Drain System

    vOpen Drain System


    Scope of Services 

    In this project, PT BiRU conduct engineering activities for Well Head Platform development. Activities performed includes engineering analysis, engineering study, modeling and simulation, and technical drawing. This engineering phase will involve several discipline, such as Process, Process Safety, Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Telecomunication, and Structural.

    BiRU was challenged to determine the most suitable design to handle wellhead which has the highest H2S content (4000 ppm) in Indonesia.

    During the project execution, BiRU also perform HAZID and HAZOP as part of safety risk assessment. 3D PDMS model was developed to facilitate the project requirement.

    BiRU also provide engineering services for PT PAL Indonesia during the procurement phase.

    • Client

      PT.PAL Indonesia
    • Project Year

    • Project Location

      Madura Strait
    • Completion Date

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