Onshore Fabrication and Construction Services for KE-39, KE-54, and KE-38B Platforms

    Project Description

    Pertamina Hulu Energi West Madura Offshore (PHE WMO), as operator of West Madura Offshore Field, plans to develop this field further. Therefore, 3 well head platform will be built, named as KE39, KE38B and KE54. All of these platforms will be placed in an adjacent area, with their own location characteristic.

    KE39, KE38B and KE54 is a braced monopod platform. All of them are an identical platform. It has 4 level deck, with two boat landing. These platform will be installed in the largest reservoir in West Madura Block. After its installed and operated, KE38B production reach the highest production number among all PHE WMO’s platform


    Platform Description

    üBraced Monopod Jacket Wellhead platform

    üNumber of Deck  = 4

    Main Deck     El. (+) 59’-6”

    Mezzanine Deck    El. (+) 46’-6”

    Cellar  Deck    El. (+) 35’-6”

    Sub Cellar  Deck  El. (+) 20’-0”

    üPlatform Weight

    Jacket Weight  = 699.88 kips

    Pile Weight   = 554.04 kips

    Deck Weight   = 652.67 kips


    Platform Description

    12 x Well slots (6 well slot for initial production and 6 well slot for future development

    üTopside Facility

    Pedestal Crane

    Diesel Generator set

    Navigation Aid

    Pig Launcher


    WHCP Pneumatic – Hydraulic System

    Chemical Injection Package

    Instrument Utylity Gas System


    Platform Description

    üTopside Facility

    AC / DC Distribution Board


    Radio Link / Antena

    Close & Open Drain System

    Horizontal Tes Separator Package (Three Pase Separator


    Scope of Services 

    BiRU provides engineering service for the construction of 3 platform. This engineering phase will involve several discipline, such as Process, Process Safety, Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Structural. All analysis was performed simultaniously. Team structure also was challange to perform analysis with for each platform condition. Beside that, BiRU was requested to perform pre-service analysis such as upending and seafastening analysis.

    During fabrication phase, BiRU’s responsibility is to provide field adjustment assessment and to produce as-built drawing. BiRU also provide procurement service during engineering ang fabrication phase.

    • Client

      Bakrie Construction
    • Project Year

    • Project Location

      West Madura Block
    • Completion Date

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