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Conoco Philips

Project Year

Project Location
Suban Field, South Sumatra

Completion Date

Detailed Engineering for Suban 12 Flowlines Installation Project

Project Description:

ConocoPhillips Indonesia has intension to expand their plant at Suban, South Sumatra. Therefore, Suban 12 project was initiated.

Suban 12 Project held to accomodate the expansion performed in Suban well and station. There also a modification on pipeline that connecting Suban well and station.

Plant Description

The Suban-12 flow line is located in Corridor Block, Musi Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra Province. The project will gather raw gas from gas well and be tied-in onto exciting inlet Suban Gas Plant. The construction will be at the existing pipeline Right Of Way (ROW) and 10 meter extended to minimize the project footprint.

The project scope includes the well site facilities, under ground flow line and tie-in onto existing inlet header.  Suban-12 well surface location is shown below.

The Work Site includes the following:

Suban Gas Plant

Suban-12 Well site within 3.5 km radius from the Suban Gas plant.

plant separated into 2 location, well site and station area. Well site area facility including

Wellhead control panel (pneumatic system)

Vent system

Chemical injection system

Instrument gas system


Stasion area facility including :

Inlet header train

Closed drain system

Gathering flowline

Inlet cooling & separation system, consist of:




Scope of Services 

BiRU was responsible to generate engineering deliverables involving civil, piping and pipeline disciplines. Analysis was performed due to equipment additional, such as pig launcher, shelter, lightening pole and lighting tower. BiRU also responsible to perform flowline modification to handle oil and gas production. BiRU also challange and successed to design appropriate flowline with special condition that soil was heated by heat radiation occured from existing flowline.