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Husky CNOOC Madura Limited

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Madura Strait

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Metocean Study for MDA & MBH Field

Project Description:

Husky CNOOC Madura Limited (HCML) has intension to produce metocean data for MBA and MBH field. Therefore, BiRU was requested to prepare analysis and report of metocean data suitable for use in the design of MDA and MBH integrated field. Metocean data produced consist of wind, wave, current, and tides data.

Scope of Services 

Metocean analysis and report was developed using several data taken from several reliable source, , such as  Dishidros, Japan’s NAO, BMKG and SEAFINE

SEAFINE is an Oceanweather JIP (Joint Industry Project) for development of metocean  hindcast on a fine grid of the southern part of the South China Seas. It consist very high resolution metocean data in certain area for certain time period. All SEAFINE metocean parameters interval are hourly. Analysis and calculation to develop actual condition for MDA and MBH was perform using this data. Output from the analysis and calculation is metocean parameter that can be use as a design basis in the detail design phase.